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So yeah, I was really busy these past few weeks, with all things post-teen and pre-adult related. HAHA! Whut? Just to summarize everything of, I had the ff:

  • 3-day Retreat¬†with my college block (4M5) in Calereuga
  • 4M5 Christmas party
  • Paskuhan at UST
  • Sleepover at Sarah’s place.
  • GHCCI Christmas Party
  • Road trip/Adventure/Party with High school friends
  • Guarnes Christmas Party
  • Talkathon with my friends through web
  • New Year Countdown Party
  • Sleepover of my sister’s friend at our crib
  • Bonding with family
  • Free time at home
  • Pig out galore
  • And of course, school works. The killerrr

OKAY. Byez

Going back to reality in a bit. *insert Emoji here*

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It is not for you, it is always for them.

Love will never be for you unless someone is willing enough to pass it towards your direction. Don’t be too greedy, too selfish to expect that people will throw you the pill. Never dare to demand, that is so rude. Because if they want to, they will surely find a way. And being upset for not getting some love back is stupid. It is normal to wonder why but let it be for awhile then don’t ask, and free yourself. Love is meant to be shared, not to be taken. Never question yourself if you don’t receive enough, at least you did your part to give. Overflow your heart with love and stop hoarding within. Let others catch them from your basin. Don’t get sick of loving the people around you because they need it. They need to feel it to keep moving forward. Think not only of your own desire, your own pleasure and your own life. This is a huge universe with 7 billion people living, walking on different paces but complying on the same call. No, you are not deprived of your own right because I assure you, sooner or later you will enjoy the perks. When you focus on sending love for everyone, eventually they will learn the art of giving. They will pass it on to whoever until it reaches you. Trust me, you will receive the love you deserve in due time. Care less about what love you get, fill those longings with the joy you attain from sharing it to others.

I don’t impair or even command, I enlighten.