Last Tuesday (5/20/2014), someone shouted my name twice while I was in Makati. His voice was unrecognizable, coming from someone of my age. I hesitated for a bit if I should look back. Before my friend and I could actually turn, he was gone. That was weird. 

Who are you? 

panda 37

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She is a girl, a lady and a woman perhaps.

A girl needs a boy

They play tic-tac-toe over a table in a calm afternoon. He draws the o’s while she doodles the x’s until they actually run out of paper. Someone surely gets pissed off in the end like little children who all want to win. But just as what mom says, the one who has the fault must say sorry first. And he did. She knocks his head and he stares blankly at her in shock. They both laugh. He sees the cookie crumbles on her teeth gap, points to it with a grin. She stops from her giggle and asks “Why?”. He silently hands out a mirror where she gets it fast. The moment she is aware, her tongue slides smoothly over to remove the foreign thing. She does it too slow to tease him back but he hates the idea that he finds it cute. He throws a pillow on her, hard. She shouts a screaming “What?” He shrugs his shoulders and whistles. She grabs another cushion and throws directly at him. He does, too. They do multiple targets. She gets tired and eventually he also is. They eat cupcakes and chips, watch Disney Pixar movies, imitate the resident comedian, make funny faces and throw silly jokes. Later, they notice a squeaking sound from a rat running along the alley. He runs after it and she looks for a cheese. Together they trap it inside a dark hole. It is absolutely a good team-up. Yeah. “Gimme high five”, he said. She gives one and winks.

A lady needs a gentleman

They drive to a country park one Sunday at exactly 7:00 pm. For fifty minutes, they sing along to her new found playlist while she busts her crazy moves. He opens the door of the car for her, she said thanks. They go for a stroll at night, talk about what happened earlier, the last time and the other days. It is a catch-up after a while of not meeting up. He holds her hand, she grabs his arms until the gentle breeze covers the evening. Under the stars, he starts to tell his story. Every line goes down as he pours out the words from his heart. She sincerely listens and hugs him tight. They reminisce about how they met and got along, the worry and the good days.“Smile” she says. This is a serious, young love. He crawls up for her baked pastries and she blushes too much. He pinches her cheeks instead. She strides her fingers on his messy hair and shows the latest hairstyles from GQ. “Do you think this looks good on me?” he asks. She nods. Hmm. They toast. He gives out his hand and asks her for a dance. She stands up and grasps his hand. There is no music, a complete silence. He hums to a tune of a love song, she cracks a laugh. Together they hum, swing from left to right and vice versa but he stops. He looks straight in her eyes while he pulls out an unfamiliar chain from his pocket. He puts it on her wrist. “It is lovely” she says. “Like you, but you are a little bit more” he replies. “You totally as well” she says. “I know. No doubt I am way better ” he replies. “What? Never ever enough” she says. “Fine” he replies. She gestures a peace sign. They smile. He wraps her around his arms and starts to hum again. They dance the night away.

A woman needs a man

They get busy with their own lives and each takes a different track. He is certain of his priorities and she is clear of her goals. They schedule to dine in for lunch on a busy weekday. His boss calls up for an emergency meeting so he dials her line and cancels their plan for once. She understands it and he is thankful enough. She gets back to the studio and rehearses intensively for her upcoming recital the next month. She stays all day and all night so she can perfectly execute the routines. Her arms are full of bruises, her body sweats all over. She is way too passionate that she forgets to congratulate him for his successful work project at the office. Right. She looks out for her phone but it is nowhere to be found. Someone knocks at the door, it startles her. Surprisingly, there he is; carrying a bunch of late dinner goods and a medical kit. He waves his excitement and she waves back with guilt. He sees her bruises and immediately hands an aid. They enjoy the midnight meal and the random chat. How they miss these times, the time for each other. They are both aware of their responsibilities to themselves, to their families, friends, jobs, colleagues and for the future as well. But almost everyday, he still manages to call her and she updates him through texts. He can not reach her by phone tonight so he decided to take a visit at the studio. She apologizes and explains that her phone is lost. “It is fine” he says. After all, he misses her and she also does. “Thank you for the effort to get here even if you had a long day, thank you so much” she says. He gives a wary look. “If there is a sincere will, there is always a way. That is why I am here. I am here to make things work. I do not want to wake up one day, and I have no one to fight for” he says.

He needs her too.

He is a boy, a gentleman and a man perhaps.

I was not designed to be forced. I will breathe after my own fashion. Let us see who is the strongest.

― Henry David ThoreauOn the Duty of Civil Disobedience
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