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Blogging Duties

This blog would be mainly dedicated to my love for writing the most hilarious stuff inside my fluffy brain. I do not want to hurdle them within but instead, share it to those who might care to read. It is possible that I could not appeal to your standards or even close to having perfect outputs but please bear with my flaws. Else, it is fine though. 

Good start x

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This blog is stagnant. I don’t know what to do with this anymore. About a year and a half back , I wasn’t sure of what this space would be in the coming months; whether how many followers I could get, if ever there would be or would the people waste time checking my amateur posts. Everyday, I got inspired by people who share their brain juices online which motivated me to continue and create my own identity. Actually since I signed up for Tumblr, the intense excitement was there day by day especially when little by little people began to appreciate you, to criticize you. There the followers boomed, the inbox messages and fan letters popped and the reblogs leaped. That feeling when strangers were fond of your existence could be something foreign but pleasing. Of course after all, I was responsible for returning the favor by feeding their minds with worthy entries. Some people give me inspiration in life, and I’m in the motion to let other people feel the same way so that they can as well inspire those who are next in line. I made efforts to live up with that principle but there were factors that really pulled me away. To be honest, blogging eats time and it could be hard to insert in your schedule if you have a long list of more important stuff to do. I’ve been through several jump highs and numerous jump falls like deleting all my posts, diverting my blog’s theme and thinking to totally remove my whole Tumblr account from the virtual place. Now, I just can’t decide whether to end this nonsense. I am half-ready. What?


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I deleted all sorts of crap clinging on my blog. It’s the only way people can consider instead of deactivating the whole account. O.o So, my blog posts are comparable to seeing the “ground zero” in NY. :) 

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