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Please quench my thirst for inspiration to write and dig for deeper words. I never wanted to be literal yet I aim to be direct. It’s just, I can’t feel the urge to create wonders at the moment. Totally blank.

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In a fight between two spoiled brats, never expect a rapid ending. They’re stubborn, conceited and narrow-minded to argue over petite reasons. She won’t admit her faults while the other will just escape and deny. They will never step down and pay for the humble deed as pride ruled them inside. Living along lame and selfish mindsets, no one’s on the wrong side and both are right. This leads to a junk path and surely a waste of time.

Be mature and meek, my friend. :)



I deleted all sorts of crap clinging on my blog. It’s the only way people can consider instead of deactivating the whole account. O.o So, my blog posts are comparable to seeing the “ground zero” in NY. :) 

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