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So yeah, I was really busy these past few weeks, with all things post-teen and pre-adult related. HAHA! Whut? Just to summarize everything of, I had the ff:

  • 3-day Retreat with my college block (4M5) in Calereuga
  • 4M5 Christmas party
  • Paskuhan at UST
  • Sleepover at Sarah’s place.
  • GHCCI Christmas Party
  • Road trip/Adventure/Party with High school friends
  • Guarnes Christmas Party
  • Talkathon with my friends through web
  • New Year Countdown Party
  • Sleepover of my sister’s friend at our crib
  • Bonding with family
  • Free time at home
  • Pig out galore
  • And of course, school works. The killerrr

OKAY. Byez

Going back to reality in a bit. *insert Emoji here*

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We have made a different character day by day. You might been sleeping softly for the longest time until a cruel sound had awakened you from nightmares. She might been selfish and insensitive all along until a sharp needle point pricked her numb skin. He felt so terrible, frightened and weak until he had learned to stand up with strong feet. I used to be seemingly agreeable until I learned to put my defenses up. Change is inevitable to man, accept it or not. Nonetheless people look at you from head to toe, stare straight in the eye and leave their judgement as if they know your story. Why is it easy for them to make you feel so pointless and unjust? The same question I ask whenever they try to compare whom to who, which to what. There is always a definite reason that answers it all and it varies from each of us. Most of us usually assert, “I am not who I had become if it wasn’t for the people around me.” Yes, the statement is honest indeed but this refers as to how these people had affected us, to be the best or to be the worst. Life continues to mold us into someone better, someone reasonable enough to get people puzzled. Not everything we see in front defines the foremost. Therefore, let us not dare to put a period but instead go for these ellipses (…). We don’t have the right to finish the sentence for someone, let them do it on their own…


Existence is nothing if you won’t be able to feel how it is to fail, get dumped, stumble and break into bits like a brittle glass. Yours would be plain, static and entirely boring. Don’t always aim for the safe side where you used to be since the day sunlight had laid upon your skin. It won’t open your eyes to see the reality, that there is always a mix of good and bad chew life has in store for us. We would always be left hanging to decide and choose. If yesterday the choice wasn’t right therefore another lesson had learned. If it’s the other way around, go on and excel. See, no one requires us to live in patterns but in circles. We can go up and go down; it is in the matter of dealing with it at its finest. Come on – I say to myself.

After all, I’ve occasionally found my heart at that ground I never imagined I would like.