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She may look weird at instances but never a fool to be sure. For she only sees the light beyond darkness, the positive and not the negative, and that love more than anger. Yeah, her chuckles - those sounds that overtake the dormant reaction of the majority caused by the corniest jokes one had abruptly thrown. Shallow, that’s what she resembles the best.  She won’t draw you deeper upon the worst possibilities but instead laugh at them still while looking for the perfect solution.  Their bloodline is close to extinction since most allow the cruel world to swallow them up. If you find one, don’t ever hold back. Befriend them once and you’ll hardly notice that you’re attached eventually. Contagious it is to act as crazy as her happy antics but the assurance is there: you will enjoy and long for more.  Idle times, dull moments and boredom aren’t allowed to ruin that banquet of lovely connection between your emotions. You’ll never know sooner, it is your mind that has been trapped with her mix tape of cheers. Come, indulge into her side and give your heart for trusts and keeps. Regret is never promised, I dare.