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I write these few sentiments; mostly about my sadness today and my probable griefs in the future. This movie franchise has always been on my top list after being responsible for igniting the sparks between me and all sorts of cars existing. The sound of nitro- engines til it creates visible neons, how the tires rubbed the streets of California to the world, the rears and the bodies are plainly just-wows etc. Not to mention how it is spiced up with romance, friends, family, and values. Perfect. The story is perfect up until Paul Walker died. I can’t imagine how the drag goes without this man. How the Fast and Furious series would get to its feet with no hilarious cop, Brian O’Conner, to drive it with swag. 

I do take several F&F quizzes and get perfect scores after

No doubt I watch the series from 1 to 6 over and over yet I don’t get sick

Yeah, the only movies I have in my disk.

Also, I read random articles online about its dudes and babes

I even put O’Conner on my Twitter and IG descriptions

Lastly, I just watched Fast 7 trailer last night and talked to my friend about how excited I am.

I’m this addicted, sorry not sorry. 

This morning, the news babbled out.

So disappointing. 

RIP man.


Today, we are fighting an unexpected battle and trying to figure out why it all began. It is a war not meant to be raged yet it does now. For when patience ran out of its own mercy, that certain point would declare the worst.

I used to sum up one and two and three but was finished diminishing one. You told me I am not adhered with mathematics, so here I present my disassembled solution. Maybe it was a real companionship that we had, maybe it was but the way you hit us heads on will never connote the latter. The words coming out of your mouth and the actions you take were unfathomable in an antagonistic manner, so insensitive that you ended up hurting your foes. Why did you dare to let us feel this wrath? We tried our best to comprehend with your filthy moves and made our way to really understand your nature for the longest span but you chose to continue. You can’t blame us for getting sick of this synthetic bond and finally made our way to get out. It is unhealthy, depriving and humiliating. Don’t worry, nothing is final unless we see you change. For now, it is time to loosen the grip.

A tip: If you continue to let insecurities swallow you down, don’t expect that it’ll ever bring you up. 


This blog is stagnant. I don’t know what to do with this anymore. About a year and a half back , I wasn’t sure of what this space would be in the coming months; whether how many followers I could get, if ever there would be or would the people waste time checking my amateur posts. Everyday, I got inspired by people who share their brain juices online which motivated me to continue and create my own identity. Actually since I signed up for Tumblr, the intense excitement was there day by day especially when little by little people began to appreciate you, to criticize you. There the followers boomed, the inbox messages and fan letters popped and the reblogs leaped. That feeling when strangers were fond of your existence could be something foreign but pleasing. Of course after all, I was responsible for returning the favor by feeding their minds with worthy entries. Some people give me inspiration in life, and I’m in the motion to let other people feel the same way so that they can as well inspire those who are next in line. I made efforts to live up with that principle but there were factors that really pulled me away. To be honest, blogging eats time and it could be hard to insert in your schedule if you have a long list of more important stuff to do. I’ve been through several jump highs and numerous jump falls like deleting all my posts, diverting my blog’s theme and thinking to totally remove my whole Tumblr account from the virtual place. Now, I just can’t decide whether to end this nonsense. I am half-ready. What?


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