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So yeah, I was really busy these past few weeks, with all things post-teen and pre-adult related. HAHA! Whut? Just to summarize everything off, I had the ff:

  • 3-day Retreat with my college block (4M5) in Calereuga
  • 4M5 Christmas party
  • Paskuhan at UST
  • Sleepover at Sarah’s place.
  • GHCCI Christmas Party
  • Road trip/Adventure/Party with High school friends
  • Guarnes Christmas Party
  • Talkathon with my friends through web
  • New Year Countdown Party
  • Sleepover of my sister’s friend at our crib
  • Bonding with family
  • Free time at home
  • Pig out galore
  • And of course, school works. The killerrr

OKAY. Byez

Going back to reality in a bit. *insert Emoji here*

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Busy bee. 

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I missed waking up hearing the croos of the rooster around the neighborhood, seeing the clouds pave way for Mrs. Sunshine and having a hot breakfast served on the table. I’m longing for my ninja-rush skills heading the road to school, the scent of sunrise bliss that charges my senses and those little prayers I used to whisper to start the day. My usual mornings were stolen by the College schedule that changed my body clock. It’s been awhile and I guess it will still be.