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I do share my ideals, my tastes and such. But please, do not own them as if they are part of your identity. Stop.

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Close your eyes. Breathe. Dream of the place where you want to be, of the people you want to be with, of the stuff you want to do and the person who you want to be.  Think of the little things which give you happiness: smiles, hugs, kisses, cuddles, dances, high fives, candies, popcorn, lollipop, jellies, ice cream, pink, rain drops, dresses, balloons, rainbows, sweethearts, laughter, sunshine, books, camera, photographs, pillows, hankies, hoodies, sweater, snow, anything but random cheers. Let it take you to delight with your heart and soul and mind and spirit. Stay that way until it consumes you within, until you are able to convince yourself that you can. You are free to go beyond borders, climb to the top and then fly to the sky. It feels so lovely and peaceful and light and blissful. As you see yourself smiling in the end. - this is Nirvana for just awhile. Snap.

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Today, we are fighting an unexpected battle and trying to figure out why it all began. It is a war not meant to be raged yet it does now. For when patience ran out of its own mercy, that certain point would declare the worst.

I used to sum up one and two and three but was finished diminishing one. You told me I am not adhered with mathematics, so here I present my disassembled solution. Maybe it was a real companionship that we had, maybe it was but the way you hit us heads on will never connote the latter. The words coming out of your mouth and the actions you take were unfathomable in an antagonistic manner, so insensitive that you ended up hurting your foes. Why did you dare to let us feel this wrath? We tried our best to comprehend with your filthy moves and made our way to really understand your nature for the longest span but you chose to continue. You can’t blame us for getting sick of this synthetic bond and finally made our way to get out. It is unhealthy, depriving and humiliating. Don’t worry, nothing is final unless we see you change. For now, it is time to loosen the grip.

A tip: If you continue to let insecurities swallow you down, don’t expect that it’ll ever bring you up.